Affixx is a professional styling and finishing line which supports your styles while gradually releasing vegetable proteins to the hair and protecting its colour from UV rays. Affixx is paraben free. Affixx has always supported and sculpted your styles and added shine, a matt finish, and texture. Now Affixx contains Soyactive®, a complex of soy proteins which gradually releases their beneficial powers of hydration and strength onto the hair. To create the new Affixx, Elgon's laboratories came up with formulas that have an effect on the shape, beauty and health of the hair, and work to make nourishment available to the hair for as long as the style lasts.


The result is Soyactive®, a new generation technology perfected by Elgon laboratories which gradually releases vegetable proteins from soy into the hair.


Soyactive®, contained in all Affixx products, consists of a chemical network in which soy proteins are solidly imprisoned. When Affixx products are applied to the hair, the mesh adheres to the hair and the proteins are gradually released onto the hair shaft, which incorporates them: the proteins thus become a part of the hair's molecular structure.


Studies confirm that hair treated with Soyactive® is: more flexible, more resistant to breakage, shinier, more combable and workable. All Affixx products also contain a UV sunscreen which acts as a barrier and protects the hair colour against the damaging effects of the sun's rays, preserving colour.


Affixx is the professional line inheriting all the best of Elgon's styling products, offered in a poetic pack in which products are identified by numbers on the front which also indicate their fixative power, on a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is minimum holding power and 100 is maximum holding power.





1 Light Drops 65ml

To add shine for silky hair




40 Foam Flex Hold 300ml

A compact styling mousse with medium hold for a soft, flexible, natural style. Perfect for all styles and drying methods.


67 Hair Lift 10g

A powder with flexible hold to add volume to fine hair.


80 Foam Strong Hold 300ml

A firm styling mousse with strong hold for creative and classic styles. Volume and support for styles created freehand or with heat.


5 Filler Cream 200ml


5 Filler Cream is the cream filler that, through its action: - gives hair long-lasting body without weighing it down; - provides moisture and shine; - gives heat-active protection. Hair is full of body, smooth, light and easy to style.


PRODUCT IDEAL FOR Perfect for all hair types. Especially indicated for fine hair.




Apply to towel-dried hair. – Apply the product with the comb of the hair; – proceed with drying. The product, soft and easy to apply, makes medium-long hair easier to comb.




cream-gel enriched with active ingredients that moisturise and protect the hair: – Synthetic polymers: act as fillers on each hair, protecting the hair from heat; – Soyactiv®: gradually release soy protein based complex. Moisturises, restores and protects the hair fibres; – Solar filter: protects from UV Rays

All of the Affixx formulations contain Soyactiv® with soya proteins, which gradually release moisture into the hair for the entire duration of the style while its sunscreen




6 Format Wax 125ml

Wet look styling polish.


40 Elastic Paste 100ml

A glossy wet look wax with medium hold.


55 Craft Mud 100ml

Matt look dry wax with medium hold.


70 Design Glue 100ml

Glossy wet look wax with strong hold


100 Rasta Gum 100ml

Dry wax with extra strong hold.




88 Curly Look 200ml

Fixing fluid long lasting strong hold enriched with Soyactiv for a gradually released hydration, with UV filter. Creates perfect waves and curls. For ultra shiny, protected against humidity.

Heat Styling


11 Straight Look 300ml

Straightening fluid to protect the hair and help heat straighten it.


90 Spray Gel 200ml

For strong hold, hot styling and sculptural effects.



50 Finish Spray Flex Hold 350ml

A gas-free hairspray with flexible hold for styling, fixing and adding volume, underlining the hair’s shine without leaving residues.


55 Pack Oil 200ml

Medium styling fluid to add shine to the hair without making it sticky.


70 Hair Spray Fix Hold 500ml

Gas hairspray with strong hold for shiny hair without residues.


99 Sculpting Gel Extra 200ml

Fixative gel with powerful new formula for strong hold.