Sun With Redoxina

Protection for sun exposed hair. Elgon Sun is specially formulated to care for hair that has been affected by the summer. Sea salt, chlorine and heat do no favours to the hair’s health. The SUN range contains six products and will keep hair feeling healthy throughout summer.



Restructuring Mask 250ml

Instantaneous treatment that restores light, shine and hydration in dry, brittle hair that has been in sea water. SUN restructuring mask deeply hydrates to get hair back to the way it was.


Protective Oil 125ml

Apply before exposure to the sun. It prevents dryness, dullness, split ends and unpleasant colour alterations that are caused by pollutants.


Control Cream 100ml

Tames and smooths hair dried out by the elements, leaving it silky and easy to comb. Eliminates frizzes and revives tired hair.


Moisturising Fluid 125ml

After hair has been exposed to sun, or between exposures, elgon sun moisturising fluid moisturises without weighing down hair, while strengthening and elasticising hair fibres.  Recommended to protect and nourish hair dried and stressed by salt and sun.


Shower Gel 300ml

Gently removes every trace of sea salt. It protects the tan and provides softness to the skin while washing away the day.