10 Benefits in 1.


    Sublimia hair care line contains Redoxina®, an active ingredient made from Klamath seaweed with antioxidising and remineralising properties. It also contains Panthenol for its moisturising properties, UV filters, Rooibos Red Tea to help prevent colour fade and silk proteins to help protect hair from heat styling appliances.


    DD stands for ‘dynamic do all’ cream and do all, it does! Formulated for for all hair types, Sublimia Hair DD Cream has the following actions:


    • Makes long hair more manageable
    • Has an anti-ageing action
    • Makes styling easier
    • Protects from heat
    • Moisturises and gives shine
    • Protects from UV rays
    • Helps blow dries to last longer
    • Detangles
    • Provides body
    • Prevents colour from fading

    Sublimia DD Cream 10 in 1 150ml RRP $29.95 100ml RRP $19.95.


    ACTION / dynamic do all for all hair types with 10 properties in a single product:
    makes hair manageable, has anti-ageing action, makes the set easier, protects from
    heat, moisturises and gives shine, protects from UV rays, keeps the set longer,
    untangles, gives body and prevents the color from fading too quickly. Ideal for all
    types of drying methods, whether by hand, with an iron or a blow dryer on any type
    of hair. Does not weigh the hair down.

    HOW TO USE / Sublimia can be used on damp or dry hair, also with any Affixx
    products:On damp hair pat the hair dry well, then spray Sublimia directly along the entire length of the hair, going from one section to the next from the neck to the
    forehead. Then massage in the cream uniformly. Average amount to be sprayed
    depends on the length:
    long 10/12 pumps
    medium 5/7 pumps
    short 3/5 pumps
    NO rinsing needed. Comb out and then dry as you prefer, using a blow dryer, an iron
    or by hand.
    On dry hair spray Sublimia into the palm of your hand, massage it into the entire
    length and into the ends and then style as you like. Average amount to be sprayed depends on the length:
    long 4/6 pumps
    medium 3/5 pumps
    short 2/3 pumps

    Use it to revive curls on dry hair
    Dampen your hair with wet hands and then spray Sublimia
    directly on your hair. Then give a quick blow dry. The
    recommended amounts are the same as those given for use
    with dry hair.

    APPLICATIONS FOR PRODUCT PACK / 5 pumps per application correspond to about 150
    applications per 150 ml of the product.

    DETAILS OF THE FORMULA / leave-in liquid spray treatment emulsion of oil in water
    with a pH 4-5, enriched with many active ingredients, which together perform the 10
    Redoxina , is a very, very rich complex of keratin amino-acids and Klamath


    SUBLIMIA 10 in 1 contains algae extracts, which together fortify, and give body to hair and perform an antioxidant action protecting it from signs of ageing. Panthenol,
    re-establishes the hair's moisture with a moisturising and soothing action.
    UV Filter, protects the hair from damage from the sun’s rays.
    Red Tea,comes from the Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) plant. With its
    antioxidant properties, it binds the pigment to the hair and protects it
    from fading.
    Silk proteins, moisturises, conditions and protects from heat: acting on the
    hair's structure increasing its resistance to heat.
    PRODUCT IDEAL FOR / all hair types, whether for use on damp hair before any type of
    drying or for your day-to-day routine. Ideal even as a pre-cut product or for short
    exposition to the sun.
    TO BE AVOIDED FOR / immediately before a color service and overdosing on fine hair.


    HAIR DD SHAMPOO 250ml RRP $29.95




    Its light and gentle formula cleans the scalp and hair, making it extra soft and shiny. It is for all hair types.

    Its formulas are free of Parabens, sulphates, silicones, salt and artificial colors.



    DD HAIR CONDITIONER 250ml $29.95.




    Delicate nourishing conditioner for soft brilliant hair.

    Two ways to use these two beauty rituals that give the hair excellent results.

    Its formulas are free of Parabens, sulphates, silicones, salt and artificial colors.