Amplea Volume Treatment

With Amplea, you can offer a new Elgon professional service: volume styling.


The ideal treatment for hair that needs volume.


Amplea: lifts hair at the roots, augments the volume of the shaft by increasing the thickness of the hair and provides moisture without weighing hair down through the Voluhidra Complex®, the new volumising complex developed by the Elgon laboratories.


Three steps to obtain extraordinary volume in just 10 minutes.



Amplea Volumising Pre-treatment 75ml

The pretreatment amplifies volume at the roots by lifting them. Apply it directly onto the hair, work from the roots, massage gently and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off.


Amplea Volumising Bath 250ml

The shampoo lotion cleanses effectively, visually amplifying the volume and body of hair by increasing its thickness.


Amplea Volumising Spray 200ml

Gentle moisturizing elixir that, when sprayed, does not weigh hair down, and grants extraordinary radiance and softness.