Color & Poetry

“…colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. Pablo Picasso


Over the centuries, the Italian culture has used poetry and colour to express human feelings and emotions and to celebrate the beauty of women and of nature.


Today poetry and colour are still the universal language of beauty and sensitivity, and we believe that a gorgeous appearance, like a work of art, requires imagination, technique, talent and knowledge.

At Elgon we are proud to work in the Italian beauty industry, and each cosmetic product we create contains the utmost care and attention to detail, through the company’s knowledge and experience of how to achieve the best results possible.

Our cosmetics are not mere products and what we do is not a mere job: Making high performance beauty products is our way of respecting and maintaining the beauty of nature. We live, breathe and create beauty.

Color&Poetry is for all those who believe that living means feeling, creating and communicating with others.