Designed as a professional treatment for sensitive scalp, Sinsea is made with natural materials and without preservatives. Sulphate and paraben free, it is not irritating to the scalp.


SINSEA contains olive oil, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut oil, peach stone oil, mosqueta rose oil, rice oil and jojoba.  Specially selected for their fatty acids and nutritional properties that provide moisture and health to hair.


Sinsea also has Redoxina®, an active ingredient made of Klamath seaweed, with anti-oxidising and re-mineralising properties. It also contains keratin amino acids, the main protein component of the scalp and of hair.



Soothing Milk 200ml

A soothing pre-wash for the scalp and also a mild cleanser. Recommended for dry, dehydrated, reddened or irritated scalps. Contains aloe vera for a soothing effect.


Re-Balancing Pre-treatment 200ml

Recommended for oily hair, its pH 3.5-4.5 formula and ingredients ensure the pH levels of hair are balanced and sebum is regulated to control oily hair.


Moisturising Bath Oil 250ml or 750ml

Recommended for dry scalps. Restores the strength of hair fibres and ensures smoothness. Contains glycerine and panthenol to leave the scalp feeling moisturised and clean.


Re-balancing wash 250ml, 750ml

Contains rice starch, which absorbs excess sebum and controls sebum regulation. Used 2/3 times a week, this wash helps reduce oily scalp sensitivity and soothe irritations.


Biodaily Bath 250ml or 750ml

Recommended for daily use for mild cleansing and balancing of the hair and scalp. Restores the scalp's pH and provides shiny hair. Its acid pH helps seal off porous hair to prevent excess oil.


Nutrienergetic Mask 250ml

Recommended for dry hair. Thoroughly softens and nourishes the hair and detangles. Apply to wet hair after shampooing, leave in for a few minutes, then rinse. Contains conditioners with a velvety texture, which polish and protect.


7 Oil Blend Oil Treatment 50ml & 100ml

A light formula that brightens, soothes and detangles the hair, without weighing down even the thinnest of hair. Can be used on wet hair before setting and also on dry hair like an ordinary finish.