Ultimate treatment for extremely damaged hair.

Damaged hair requires an intensive treatment and a constant care in styling. Refibra is a cosmetic treatment for the reconstruction of extremely damaged hair.

All the products in this range contain three main ingredients:

  1. Chondrus Crispus Extract: Chondrus Crispus is a type of small bushy seaweed. The Chondrus Crispus “binds” to the damaged hair fibres, filling them and creating a protective film of moisture to defend against external agents. 
  2. Oligoelements are the combination of minerals (zinc, copper, magnesium, iron), which protect and lock in nutrients. Oligoelements are essential for healthy hair. Severely damaged hair lacks these minerals, which can be hard to restore, so Elgon has created Refibra. Refibra products restore the minerals that have been depleted, penetrating the hair shaft. The restoration of oligoelements provides a healthier look to hair and makes hair more elastic and resistant.
  3. Redoxina® Redoxina® combines the anti-oxidant, energising and remineralising properties of the Klamath seaweed with amino acids of keratin, to protect hair against free radicals and environmental aggressors to maintain the hair’s youth and vitality.




Restoring Shampoo 250ml or 750ml

It is a restructuring shampoo containing collagen for moisture and strength. Having a deep restoring action, it is not suitable for frequent washings or for normal hair. It provides softness and body to the shaft and makes hair stronger to external agents.


Concentrated Restoring Mask 100ml

Formulated for dry, brittle and unruly hair, the restoring mask contains guarana and glycerin for maximum hydration. Guaranteed to deliver soft, full-bodied and shiny hair.


Restructuring Cosmetic Lotion 12 x 10ml vials

Has a strong repairing effect thanks to the wheat proteins; it nourishes and softens hair, protecting it from further damage. The vials are to be applied 1-3 times a week for about one month. They can be used also as a maintenance treatment.