The Colorcare line has been formulated to nourish, hydrate, illuminate and strengthen coloured hair.


Designed for professionals, Colorcare includes all the products for use before, during and after colouring and bleaching services to protect hair and scalp, depending on the type of treatment required. Colorcare products contain rice oil, rice protein, aloe vera and grape extract.



Reanimation Shampoo 300ml or 1000ml

A specially formulated shampoo for hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments. To be used after colouring and bleaching, it restores the structure of the hair and guarantees quality and a long-lasting result.


Reanimation Pack 500ml

A mask that re-hydrates and nourishes hair that has been chemically treated or damaged. Enriches the fibre and protein of the hair without weighing down. Tones the hair, making it soft, glossy and giving new life to the hair colour.


Daily Shampoo 300ml or 1000ml

Coloured and bleached hair can be washed every day with this shampoo, which maintains a healthy balance of the hair structure. It contains rice oil and rice protein and guarantees hair colour will remain rich and long lasting.


Lenitive Shampoo 300ml or 1000ml

Ideal for delicate, sensitive or irritated scalps. Lenitive Shampoo cleanses the hair while soothing even the most sensitive scalp. Is also suitable for sensitive skins. The formula is SLES free and contains rice oil, rice protein and aloe vera, with a softening and soothing action that protects the scalp and hair from irritations.


Silver Shampoo 300ml or 1000ml

Shampoo with violet pigments that eliminates the yellowish shades from blonde and grey hair caused by oxidation. Silver shampoo preserves the original shade of natural and cosmetic blonde and grey hair and makes it gorgeously bright and glossy.


Silver Conditioner 300ml

Conditioner with purple pigments that eliminates the yellowish shades from blonde and grey hair. It preserves the original shade of natural and cosmetic blonde and grey hair by conditioning and nourishing the hair shaft.


Color Oil Additive 100ml

This oil that is specially formulated for colouring gets the most out of the colouring cream, making it easier to apply and achieving a brighter shade. Protects the hair and makes the hair colour last longer.


Mousse 5.5 250ml

Mousse 5.5 is a PH balancer. It finishes the colouring process by locking in the colour. It removes all traces of stain from the skin, neutralising the chemical particles on the hair and skin.


Colour Remover 12 sachets (6+6) 30ml

Colour remover is the professional product that corrects undesired artificial colour pigments without changing or spoiling the natural hair colour. It can be used for a slight or total colour change and comprises 2 products to be used together. After the colour reversal process, the hair can be re-coloured.


Lenitive Serum 12 x 5ml

Re-hydrating serum that soothes and calms chemically damaged hair. It provides protection from the chemicals in hair colouring product without impairing the final result. It has been formulated for haircolour treatments, but is also for bleached, permed or straightened hair.


Skin Guard 100ml

Barrier cream-gel for the face and hairline. It prevents the hair colour from staining the scalp and moisturises the scalp, preventing it from reddening. It also enables a quicker and more hair wash.


Stain Remover 100ml

This product removes all traces of undesired colour from the face and neck. Its gentle, yet effective formula removes hair colour stains without irritating the skin.


Luminous Lotion 12 x 10ml vials

This rinsing lotion makes the hair glossy and soft. It adds to the value of the service by achieving an even brighter colour effect. It does away with tangles and makes the hair feel soft and silky.