Primaria is the professional anti-ageing line for hair from Elgon, which uses the natural elements from the Klamath seaweed combined with keratin.


It is specially formulated with Redoxina®, an innovative technology that provides hair with energy and vitality, safeguarding the natural oils that make hair beautiful and healthy.

Redoxina® literally means reduction of oxidation. It is the new technology introduced by Elgon’s laboratories to increase the defences of the hair structures, slowing down oxidation and forestalling the effects of ageing.


Redoxina® contains amino-acid Keratin and Klamath seaweed, native to Ireland and the Baltic Sea, and is rich is antioxidants and numerous vitamins and minerals.


Primaria consists of 17 products, all of which contain Redoxina® for highly effective prevention of the loss of the hair’s natural angi-ageing minerals.


Volumising Cashmere Bath 250ml or 750ml

Gives body, strength and thickness to fine and thinning hair, without weighing it down. It contains wheat derivatives to assist hair repair.


Strengthening Energy Bath 250ml or 750ml

For frequent washing, this shampoo has an energising and toning effect.  It contains guarana extract to strengthen the hair follicles and restore vitality to weak hair.


Nourishing Bath Of Life 250ml or 750ml

Its gentle formulation gives hair added hydration and softness. Containing fruit acids and lactic acid, it helps maintain brightness, so hair is given a new vitality and becomes softer.


Balancing White Clay Purifying Bath 250ml or 750ml

Contains mint and orange essential oils, with white clay for its absorptive properties. Regular use rebalances excess sebum.


Nourishing Silk Mask 150ml or 500ml

Thanks to corn oil and jojoba, dry and treated hair becomes extremely soft, easy to comb and beautifully nourished.


Volumising Diamond Mask 150ml or 500ml

Makes thin hair glossy without weighing it down. This ultra glossing mask protects the hair shaft and contains glycerine for maximum hydration.


Moisturising Sublimating Mask 150ml or 500ml

Provides immediate softness and is super moisturising. It contains grape seed extract, with a protective action against free radicals and environmental aggressors.


Balancing White Clay Astringent Mask 250ml

Formulated to balance the hair’s natural oils and sebum regulation. It contains white clay and nut extract, with a refreshing sensation.


Peeling Mask 150ml

Made for dry and irritated scalps, it helps to fight dandruff and discomfort of the scalp. Containing Vitamin E and allantoin, with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.


Relaxing Ritual Mask 200ml

Refreshing and moisturising, this mask provides a feeling of deep relaxation. Contains willow bark extract to tone and regulate sebum production on the scalp.


Zinc Py Intensive Lotion 8 x 7ml vials

Stops the growth of bacteria that causes dryness or flaking of the scalp. Irritation is eased and the overall health of scalp and hair is improved.


Dermotonic Treatment 8 x 7ml vials

Promotes cell renewal and stimulates the roots of hair in women, while countering hair loss and thinning. It contains Vitamin PP, mint and Rosemary essential oils for a conditioning action.


Weightless Texturizer 200ml

Effortlessly smoothes and tames curly or frizzy hair, without weighing it down. Rich in flax seeds for omega 3 to rebuild, soften and hydrate.


Strenghtening Remineralizing Water 125ml

A revitalising supplement with glycerine and collagen for ultimate hair growth and strength. Repairs and restores stressed hair while locking in moisture. Can also be used as a conditioner for oily hair.


Detox Tonic 125ml

Suitable for all hair types, this tonic can complete dandruff treatments as it regulates oil and sebum production. Can also be used as a massage for the hair to eliminate environmental aggressors and relax the scalp.