Elgon Professional permanent hair colour is a low ammonia, lanolin based hypoallergenic colour that delivers premium classic colouring results. It is dermatologically tested and has a higher concentration of active colour thanks to its micro pigment formulation. Less swelling of the cuticle leads to better coverage and longer lasting colour leaving the hair in better condition.



The new Moda&Styling is Elgon's rich and strong hair colour that expands your colour service offering a wide range of bright and glamorous shades.


The new formula is available in a 125 ml maxidose suitable for two full applications. The active ingredients provide a more intense, shinier and longer-lasting colour thanks to the new Silker Complex 3® formula. The new formulation is dermatologically tested, low in ammonia and paraben free.


Modastyling will give you perfect 100% coverage of grey hair. This colour provides total respect for the hair structure with natural-like colour. It keeps the colour even and bright over time with a high resistance to washings. It uses 30 - 40% less ammonium than the other oxidation dyes; it is enough to change the chemical and physical structure of melanin without being aggressive to hair fibre (the low ammonium content also allows a less unpleasant smell when mixed with oxygen than other marketed dyes).


It uses an active colouring pigments concentration which allows a fuller, more even and longer lasting colouring, more resistant to washing than other dyes.


It contains lactic acid, with a softening and shining effect, and salicylic acid to make hair brighter, fuller and protected. It is very easy to apply.


Additional results

  • Very good coverage in all the shades range.
  • Maximum brightness.
  • Very easy to mix with both liquid and cream oxygen.
  • 0/0 a unifying base useful in all colours.
  • Optimal bleaching with 30 vol. peroxide.
  • Red range with a very good coverage, without mixing, with natural base with 50-60% grey hair.
  • Hair tones are resistant and shiny in the following washings (even in more difficult shades like red).
  • The 125 ml. size is for 2.5 applications for each package, thus being very cost-effective.

The modastyling hair colour mixing ratio is 1 + 1 for permanent colouring, 1:1.5 for demi-colouring and a 1:2 mix for semi-colouring and for high lift blondes.



I-LIGHT 100ml

I|Light is a professional, hyper-concentrated pure direct colour that, due to its fluid texture, is versatile to use and compatible with many Elgon formulations. It can be used alone, or diluted with N Shine Neutral, to illuminate reflexes, either on the entire head or on specific sections of hair. It can be mixed with masks or Luminoil for highlight illuminating treatments in which you determine the intensity required .It can be blended with oxidation dyes, with or without ammonia, to create infinite colour variations and bright, vibrant reflexes. It can be used as a re-pigmenting agent to improve the performance of oxidation dyes. Highly fragrant, it can be used as often as you please, as:

  • it does not contain ammonia
  • it does not require activation
  • it is not aggressive
  • it does not damage the hair, but rather makes it shiny and full-bodied


thanks to a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.


It progressively washes out with 3-15 washes,depending on the shade and porosity of the hair, leaving no regrowth.


Available in 15 shades plus a neutral base, the product comes in 100 ml sized packages, suitable for at least 5 applications (20 ml per application).


Like all Elgon products, it is PARABEN-FREE.


I|Care 200ml & 25ml

Professional care for coloured hair.


I|Care is a rich colouring conditioning cream, also designed for home use, that maintains reflexes between colouring services, and at the same time treats hair structure, nourishing it in depth. Ideal for healthy, full-bodied hair and long-lasting shine. It can also be used on untreated hair. Its citrus aroma and soft, thick texture have been conceived for an enjoyable, sensory experience. Available in 12 shades, the product comes in a 200 ml multiple-dose format and a 25 ml single-dose format, enabling your customers to take care of their colour at home.


Like all Elgon products, it is PARABEN-FREE.


Get the Colour 100ml

Get is the coloration cream easy to use.


This means that anyone, even inexperienced hairstylists and beginners in this profession, are able to provide high quality colouring services through Get.


Get is easy because

  • It is easy to mix;
  • It is easy to apply;
  • It is easy to rinse and remove;
  • It behaves always the same, with no surprises.


  • 100 ml tube
  • 70 shades in Get the Colour + 11 Shades in Get the Colour mix
  • Mixing Ratio 1:1,5 – High Lift Blondes 1:2

10 MIN 60ml

10 MIN is the permanent professional cream colouring with keratin that guarantees the highest coverage and colour brightness result in the shortest time. 10 MIN COLOUR is recommended to cover white hair regrowth and provide quick and effective colouring services in the salon.

25 shades.


The benefit for the hairstylist

10 MIN has been designed for hairstylists who wish to satisfy also customers who lack the time necessary for the colouring service, while at the same time obtain a perfect quality technical service.



10 MIN has been designed entirely by Elgon’s labs; with its innovative formula, it has these benefits:


  • Keratin: substance making up the skin; its function within the formulation is increasing the hair fibre’s strength during the quick colouring process
  • The quick penetration colourings develop effectively to guarantee the highest colour performance. In particular, the presence of a special polymer facilitates the colour penetration into the hair and promotes its adhesion to the fibre.
  • Cream texture: soft but compact, it is mixed in few seconds. Its texture ensures perfect adhesion to the hair during application, and stability during the whole setting time.
  • Low ammonia content: it reduces the swelling of the cuticle, the first natural protection of hair. With more brightness and less hair sensitivity during colour application.


The result: effective coverage in 10 minutes like a classic colouring, with highest shine. Hair is highly cosmetic, soft and shiny.


Get the Colour Dolce 100ml

Ammonia Free permanent colour

Get the Colour Dolce is a permanent dye completely free of ammonia, to offer all the benefits of a classical dye.

It is the colouration most suitable for customers with sensitive and sensitised scalps or those who wish to approach the world of cosmetic colouring feeling completely safe...



Get the Colour Dolce is also an ultra-gentle conditioning treatment thanks to the presence of echinacea, with decongesting and soothing properties. The absence of ammonia reduces the cuticle swelling and makes the colouring action gentle and gradual, without affecting the colour duration. At the same time, the presence of high penetration colouring agents guarantees hair brightness and beauty.


Get the Colour Dolce guarantees shiny hair, bright long lasting colours and 100% grey coverage, without fading.


Get the Colour Dolce is a full-blown permanent cosmetic colouring available in 54 shades and is gentle on the hair and scalp. It bleaches up to 2 and a half tones tones, depending on the hair structure. All the shades in the series, except the toners, are inter-mixable for a high level of customisation of the service.


Oxidant Cream 1000ml

Creamy peroxide with high stability. Brings softness to hair while developing its professional performance. To be used with Elgon permanent colours and bleach.

Available in: 5 vol, 10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, 40 vol and a Creamy activator


MAN Hair Colour

Ammonia-free colouring division, to restore the natural colour tone and hide grey hair.


Specific formulations to restore the natural colour tone and camouflage white hair. It includes a professional colouring gel to be used in the salon and a rinse conditioner to be used also at home.


Hair Corrector

Rinse direct pigment acting quickly and ensuring a natural-looking effect, application after application. Its name, “Corrector” is based on the concept of refining one’s looks, correcting it by means of an “invisible” product, with an extremely naturally-looking effect.


Correctors, like all direct pigments, are used on wet hair and then rinsed. They provide a natural-looking and clean effect on white and grizzled hair and, especially if used regularly, prevent yellow tinges (due to weather elements). They also have a conditioning effect softening hair.


Combined use of the products

Upgray Gel and the Correctors have been designed to be used jointly or separately. If used jointly, the customer can have the service performed in the salon with Upgray and extend its effect at home with the Corrector.


For those who would like to become familiar with cosmetic products, that is to say men who are still “suspicious” of colourings, the Correctors with the shortest setting time are recommended.


In any case, all MAN products by Elgon are not invasive and are washed away gradually.


Upgray Gel

Designed for men’s hair, Upgray Gel is a professional ammonia-free ultra-rapid colouring, which camouflages grey hair and restores natural colour in hair. It is effective in 5 minutes and is gradually shampooed away. This special colouring gel can be used both to obtain an inconspicuous grey hair camouflage effects and a more definite coverage by extending the developing time. With Upgray Gel there are no colour shifts and noticeable regrowth; its formula and effects are different from classic women colourings.


On hair with uneven percentages of grey, Upgray Gel guarantees a very natural-looking result, also thanks to the application with the brush, allowing to increase the camouflage in the greyest areas. The division is to be used with its dedicated activator.